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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and believe the financial institutions take security seriously. i do not online bank and can't think of a less secure way to and one money. we have asked the question on 65 percent said yes to a 35 percent said note. be sure to log on to for online question every weekday. we have some of your e-mails. the white house is cutting things that hurt the general public. he is not going to die from the thousands of useless projects in foreign aid. how many unnecessary appointees to been cut, zero? george from georgia. obamacare was designed to drive private insurers out of business in favor of a singleayer system which is the government. belli is that the government can do it cheaper than those evil insurance companies. weove hearing from you. send me an e-mail. finally tonight, more waste, fraud, and abuse in california. in bell, california, five former
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elected officials of been convicted for getting themsels big salaries at the expense of the residents the city where more than 25 percent live in poverty. the bankrupt city of san bernardino is givg police and firefighters a million-dollar pay increase. this comes after city officials claim they can barely make peril . why the hike? the city's charter mandates pay for these workers be tied to attend similar size california cities to all of which are in much better financial shape and san beardino. impact, in irvine in pasadena, home values and property taxes are three times sandino's. boost have the city charter overturned have failed in the city council. again, this city, filing for bankruptcy in august citing a $46 million deficit and goes before a judge tomorrow. is stupid moves like this that are keeping cities and agencies like the post office drowning in debt. there is more people involved and not a fix the problem. we just need to get the monitor.
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that's my "2 cents more," and that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. don't forget said records show. i'll see you next week. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president obama today reacting to rorted, but unsubstantiated claims of the use of chemical weapons threatening the syrian regime led by a dictator. president obama made his declaration during a joint news conference with israel's prime minister. the first day of his first trip to israel as presidents. >> i had made clear at the use of chemical weapons is a game changer. any more horrific gains. i believe that if the regim has
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lost all credibility and legitimacy. lou: making an effort to assure e israeli people that america has throwback in regards to ending the iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons and that any decision by netanyahu to protect the nation's security is his to make while pointing out that both israel and the united states are squarely on the same page. >> not a lot of daylight between our countries assessments in terms of where a run is right now. i would not expect that the prime minister would make a decision about his country's security and to defer that to any other country. lou: and whether contrived or truly good will, the previously frosty relations between the president and prime minister today gave way to a relaxed, even jocular mood. today both men engaging in this
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friendly and at times even comical back-and-forth shortly after the landing of air force one in tel aviv. [laughter] ♪ >> across the red line. okay. [laughter] >> psychological. >> my newly planned. lou: meanwhile, is somewhat embarrassing moment for the white house occurred roughly two hours before when the presidential limousine broke down. early reports claim that the vehicle's iver filled up the tank with gasoline rather than require diesel fuel. the secret service denied that, claiming instead that it was an unnamed mechanical problem. we have a mystery. al here tonight tell the senate passing the continuing solution to date. now is back to the house to fund the government through the end of september. meanwhile, the house shut down
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all of the alternatives to republican alternatives to next year's budget proposal taking up the ryan plan tomorrow, which is expected to ps. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke predicting slow growth and a rise in inflation for the remainder of the year. ubs chief economist takes that up with us he tonight, the budget, and markets as well. a brand new book making the case that both political parties could benefit and learn something about budgeting, economics, and spending from often overlooked president calvin coolidge who is suddenly getting a lot of attention. author charles johnson joins us here tonight. in the facebook picture of an 11 year-old holding a rifle resulting in a police ensiled services rate on a private home in new jersey. we take up the fourth amendment in the latest in the trial where that -- president obama's 3-day
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trip to the holy land the void of plan for peace between israel and the palestinians. the nobel peace prize winner and chose to use his first day on his first official trip to israel to bang the drum is a war coming directly warning the regime in syria to avoid the use of chemical weapons. the comments reverberating around the globe and here at home. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: talking tough in his first public comments on that reports that chemical weapons in the news in syria, president obama about the regime will be held accountable. >> when you start seeing weapons that can cause potential devastation and mass casualties and you let that genie out of the bottle, then you are looking potentially add even more horrific scenes than we have already seen in syria and the international community has to
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act on that additional a permission. >> the president spoke at a news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is worried serious chemical weapons could wind up in the hands of terrorists or anti israeli extremists like hezbollah. mr. obama is stressing he is skeptical that they used chemical weapons and cautioned that the u.s. is still investigating claims that syrian president use them, the president a bushel when israeli reporter suggested that the u.s. has beenitting on its hands. >> is incorrect for you to say that we have been nothing. we have helped to mobilize the isolation of the regime internationally. we have supported and rognized the opposition. >> except the president for said that in 85 days were numbered 19 days ago. last summer he warned of potential u.s. force. >> are red line for us is, we stt seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would cnge my calculus.
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>> reporter: back in washington a top republican charge the administration's policy has been addressed. >> the obama administration saw a reformer. on the revolt started they backed u.n. diplomacy. then they bet on moscow to play a constructive role. predictably, none of this has worked. >> reporter: here in israel today netanyahu's new intelligence minister said, it is apparently clear chemical weapons were used in syria. the republican chairman of the house intligence committee said he believes chemical weapons were used by the regime with a caveat. >> there is a high probability that a chemical agent was used. again, i would like to see forensic evidence. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to syria is in this -- in the sea has been shuttered for more than a year pays on the question of chemical weapons. >> i cannot tell you what happened. i can tell you that we have a
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large team of people working on it right now. >> reporter: raising the stakes by saying the syrian regime has lost control the border with turkey. meanwhile, in jordan where the president will visit on friday, they are bracing not only for a potential refugee crisis, but also the possibility of assyrian civil war spreading across there border. lou: thank you. ed henry, fox news chief white house correspondent. here now to assess the president's trip to the middle east, today's developments, the president's threat directly to president as sought of syria and that likely responses to syria and iran, almost the most recent -- most recent threats. joining us now, a former pentagon official and fox is national security analyst k. t. mcfarland and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations' top boxes contributor john bolton. ambassador, let me ask you first. concerning the president's trips , the obviously good feelings between these two men
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which replaces what had been, at best, a frosty, and even frozen relationship. >> i don't think there has been a trip, presidential trip in recent years were the symbolism publicly is more divorced from the private sector. both of these men have a political reason to want this trip to ook like it is smooth. they have both been reelected. they are obviously working hard to do that. but in the private meetings, there are some very tough talks that are going to go on on the iranian nuclear weapons program and dealing with the palestinians. lou: important symbolically conveying a specific image and perception to the iranians and the russians. >> two things happened. when they kept saying israel has the right t defend itself by
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itself. obama said it several times. and now who repeated it. netanyahu also said, and for the first time, this has been the most generous american president who has guaranteed that israel will be supplied wh early advanced weapons for ten years. i think the deal is that they have agreed that israel is going to make its own decision, by itself, go and do whatever it feels it has to do. the united states will on israel, but probably not help israel, and that is fine, but the problem is, none of them are thinking about what happens the day after that to the day after when they do retaliate in they feel that it has to do something, other the regime will survive. then israel may start that fight, but it does not finish it without us. lou: and netanyahu went so far as to say in addition to what k t has laid out before us, this president went farther than any previous president and talking about israel's right to defend
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itself faugh. >> i don't think so at all. lou: let me get to the second half and see if i can do any better. the second, following a, if it is not a partnership and an alliance the israelis, this is a high-risk proposition to suggest that the israelis could do this on their own against a power with the dimensions of iran. >> facing a regime of religious fanatics with nuclear weapons is pretty hh stakes. they have a right to defend themselves. and they do it. they do with the american permission. it did in september 2007, when against the expressed wishes of the bush to ministration, destroy the north korean nuclear reactor. i think that what we're seeing here is the continuing division over the proximity to a what
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position capability. add the netanyahu made it pretty clear in the press conference today that the uranium enrichment side, which is of long polen anybody stand in a nuclear-weapons program is the point that he is most worried about. lou: point-blank, do you really believe that israel will attack without the support and promised support, active support of the united states military? >> they would prefer. lou: and trying to understand what you're saying here. another would prefer it. i would even go so far as to say it is an existential preference, ey cannot make that decision unilaterally without the military suprt of the united states guaranteed. >> i don't know what the decision is going to be. lou: nor do why, but i'm asking for your view. >> the prospect of a nuclear ron, i think it will preempt. they have done it twice before. >> what makes me so mad, we have seen is happening for two years. we knew there would get to the point where was the choice between bonn and let them get the bomb.
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why have we not tried? why are we not developing our own energy resources so that then the iranian energy resources are far less important ? lou: even with energy independence on our horizon, with an access. we will see over the course of the next year the united states oil production reached the same level as import. the milestone. by 2022 it will be energy independent. as you suggest, a program could achieve that reality much sooner . you're really saying the president obama's wasted the la four years? >> you betty has. there have been some things they have done ight. the cyber attacks have been great, but the real problem is for the last hundred years the world has gone to war over access to energy. we have now been given the energy of a dream of a lifetime. we have energy independence within our grasp. oil, natural gas.
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then what happens? we don't need to be in the middle of every civil war because they have their own energy. lou: we have not address the energy -- issue central to our foreign policy go about -- over last two decades, and it's about damn time our leaders started thinking about them. thank you both. we appreciate very much. thank you. much more on the president's day in israel and the tensions that are rising in the middle east. we will have much more throughout this broadcast. the president's gun-control agendas on life support. we'll take a look at the real reason for its demise in tonight's "chalk talk". staying the course. fed chair ben bernanke says easing money is here to stay. ubs chief economist with us on the economy, the market, and the fed next. ♪ i'm lorenzo.
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♪ lou: ben bernanke's federal reserve keeping money cheap, plentiful. chief economist for ubs will tell us whether this is sufficient magic for the market through the remainder of the year. let's take a look at what happened on wall street. today's talks are moving higher. investors expecting just the news that they received, the d's standing fast, holding steady, helping -- keeping 85 billion a month into the markets in perpetuity. the dow up 56 points, but within 20 points of its all-time high setting a new intra-day record. the s&p up ten points coming within seven of its record high, the nasdaq up 25 them. the nasdaq still some 1800 points away from its all-time high close. over 3 billion shares traded on
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the big board. gold down $3.80 today, we'll update, interest rates moving slightly higher on the bond market's the treasury ten year holding up till 194. fed chairman ben bernanke warning monetary picy, as he put it, cannot offset fiscal restraint resulting from the fiscal cliff and sequestered. my next guest says economic damage from the sequester has been overestimated. joining us with hissview and perspective on this economy, we are pleased to welcome chief s. economist for u.s. -- ubs investment. >> good to be here. lou: i have to say, ben bernanke today keeping money cheap. i guess we're going to see this until the farthest horizon. is it exactly what you expected? >> this is what we expected. the fed is very cautious. they're still worried about downside risk on the economy.
10:21 pm
this said so again today. as long as they have that cautious attite that will keep pumping in money like crazy. lou: 85 billion a month. today he said he is all concerned about the fiscal drag on the economy. as much as one-a-a-half percent of gdp. at the same time, the fed is looking at this -- at its highest just under 3 percent growth. this comes up in my book to over 4 percent gdp. that would be startling. >> it would be. they may be overestimating what this sequester is doing to the economy, but in any event, what they're doing is more important. they want to talk about arithmetic. bernanke pubs and 85 billion permanent. a sequester is 85illion per fiscal year. what matters most? monetary policy. lou: absolutely.
10:22 pm
as i looked at this question in the fiscal cliff, so concerned. here's what it adds up to. the fiscal cliff at 620 billion in taxes over ten years. the sequester and outlays for the remainder of this fiscal year amount to 44, 45 pillion dollars. total, total cliff and sequester, 45 billion. who is kidding whom? >> that is not a lot of money in a $15 trillion economy. and also, what is happening, the sequester is implented primarily through furloughs, not layoffs. and not going to lay off a lot of people. people are going to work for the governme, they're going to a baby be one of today's short, what you're not going to have all of these big head count cracks. lou: notll these big headcount cuts. we also are enthused, as we look at the unemployment projection,
10:23 pm
seven and a half%. still a full percentage point away from the point at which he said he would start easing, six and a half%. this is -- thisooks a little -- publict this way, a little more ambiguous than i would normally like. >> you know, the fed has been forecasting the unemployment rate to be higher than it actually has. it has come down more than they thought. so if they tell me seventh half, i think there's probably some downside risk to that forecast. lou: your look, markets, the economy for the remainder of the year. >> said think we will continue to see a market where stock outperform bds. i think the economy gets a surprise on the high side. the fed said that members expects gdp growth year in between 23 into eight. it will be a little higher, almost 3%. lou: great. now, that's the forecast.
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great to see it. up next, sator harryeid tells a major tenant of the presidents can control the agenda. in the "chalk talk" i'll show you the real reasons why. ♪ gotcha ! got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, other ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ]
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♪ >> this is very important to me. and i'm not going to lay down and play dead. i think the american people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation not to give me a vote onhis would be a maj betrayal of trust. lou: senator dianne feinsteins not happy with senator harry reid. as you heard her they're insisting she will give up her fight to pass a ban on assault weapons for a second time, despite her dramatic rhetoric today, the senators facts to not quite lineup. kelli, asking americans in late
10:28 pm
january what approach congress and the president should focus on, well, to prevent further school shootings for example. just 30%, 30 percent responded that they should focus on passing new laws on the sales of guns and ammunition. want to repeat, only 30%. 65 percent said that they should focus of school security measures and the mental health system. by the way, i want to give credit to wayne lapierre of the nra. right now the nra is the only organization or voice that has stood up and said precisely what the solution is, and it is, by the way, in place and author of the public schools in this country. it needs to be in wondered%. senate majority leader harry reid says the assault weapons ban had fewer, as he put it -- this is his language, fewer than 40 votes. fifty-one and need for passage
10:29 pm
and 60 to end closure. fifty-three democrats in the senate and two independents to vote with the democrats. those senators obviously are bucking the democratic party and the. it is why he did the smart and pragmatic thing which is not even move this thing into the package that he will bring before the senate for a vote. by the way, these senators are the ones up for reelection next year in tossup states. there are senators like mark pryor, mary landreau, k hagen, brockovich, tim johnson of south dakota. left virginia is retiring, but the race there is competitive, and the democratic candidate, whoever your she may be, does not need a feinstein votes any around their necks. and also democrats hav stayed with the heavily pro-gun electric. it would be political suicide for him to go for gun-control.
10:30 pm
tom udall in new mexico, mark warner of virginia, joe benson in west virginia has already dense pretty carefully for his state. bob casey in pennsylvania. then joe dahlia of indiana, martin heinrich of indiana, harry reid of nevada. they may not be up for reelection next year, but there have been vocal supporters of ns and gun rights. and there is, of course, politics. the politics and in the business. guns are booming. it was a banner year for gun sales. the firearms industry had a nearly $32 billion impact on our economy, up from nearly $20 billion in 2009. $32 billion. by the way, almost 20 million background checks last year. as the highest number of background checks ever recorded. it started publishing th
10:31 pm
statistics back in 1998. so just as colorado about the economic impact of restricting the second amendment. gun parts manufacturers bank poll polling data the state now that they have a newly signed law and the state getting ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds . president obama in the land. syria, topic number one of the agenda. and the "a-team" next. the house in the senate working on budgets to fund the government. they could use some inspiration from our 30th president to beat author charles johnson with us. and a defense witness explains the memory lapses of the defendant. next.
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lou: public integrity returning to a little tiny piece of california. tiny california. the city of bell. five former elected officials today convicted on multiple counts of misappropriation of public funds. they were accused of paying themselves enormous salaries, up to $100,000 per year in a city where one in four residents live below the poverty line. there is so much to be done, of course, the debt burden. the misgovern state of california, but bell california, it gives them something of a start. gun rights activists out great step for troubling incident in the state of new jersey. four police officers raided the home of a certified firearms instructor after he posted the picture you see there on facebook. has -- his son holding a rifle. the 11-year-old boy properly holding the rifle, a 22. his figure is off the trigger.
10:36 pm
the boy also has a new jersey hunting license. he recently passed new jersey' hunter safety course. but an anonymous tipster called new jersey charles services, and they not only showed up at the home with police officers. they did not call, demanding to search the house, and it did not have a warrant. the owner denied their demands, as to properly should have. the police made apparently a number of threats, but they left. he is considering legal action against the state as a result. defense attorneys helping to rehabilitate their expert witness on the stand today. he is in need of some rehabilitation. dr. richard samuels fourth day of testimony. he told jurors today, post traumatic stress does not- is not a simple process. during a devastating examination he admitted that she lied during
10:37 pm
evaluation. joining us now, fox is legal analyst and criminal defense attorney. good to have you with this. >> i love this. good to be your. lou: former prosecutor, now criminalefense attorney. good to have you with us. let's begin with you. your reaction to what is happening with this so-called expert witness. this is taking pchology in all sorts of directions. >> absolutely. none of and that isn't a pro teeseven uncomfortable for the defense cannot basically their own expert witness turned into n impeachment witness which basically means that now their own expert is testifying about a variety of lies with the client has told, so this has got to be a difficult situation for the defense and it cannot be helping lou: and apparently the defense witness, expert witnesses now sayi in his defense that it is not an easy thing to do to evaluate someone. >> listen. expes are paid to give an
10:38 pm
opinion, usually favorable to the side that is paying. this guy got on the stand and said, hey, listen, not on the did she tell me a couple of dozen lives, but i don't think they're relevant to my diagnosis. and the bottom line is, these have two questions. why shou we believe. she has done nothing but line. and how come she can remember what she had for lunch on arbor day 1992 but can't remember mutilating her boyfriend. that's what this guy is supposed to resolve for them, not giving it job. lou: and since this trial began, i mean, the allegations, none of the allegations really that the victim, travis alexander, his name is often forgotten in all of this c'mon begun, was sexually attracted to young boys, none of it has been proven with evidence or testimony. what do you make of this? >> you know, it's a real problem because all you have the of this
10:39 pm
expert testimony in through the defendant's own testimony is a series of lies. and so it's hard to know what the jury's thinking, but they have got to be wondering about what part of the story if any is true and cerinly the expert is not really appeared thelp the defense in making headway on thatssue. i don't know that the jury is buying any of it at this point. lou: i want to turn to this incident in new jersey. this is outrageous. four police officers from the township. representatives of the department of children and families show a at this man some who happens to be of firearms inststructor. shows up at his home. they did not call him, did not do anything because somebody put in an anonymous tip. what is -- what is your reaction >> this was done half right and have wrong. even though the father is a certified instructor in the kid has a hunting license, even though the kid knowshat is doing and is not violating the law because that is the one
10:40 pm
taking the picture to me you can't tell that by looking at the facebook page. looking at the facebook page unless you're the parent of a classmate. you see a little boy with a big gun, and that's all you know. what you do, hit like to move on what you call the authorities. as a kid with a gun. that part was up. lou: do you agree with that? >> i really don't. at think it certainly legal. anyone who suspects childbuse or neglect is supposed to report that kind of thing to the authorities, but there has been a crime committed. the picture of this child carrying this gun is not a picture of arime. the authorities have the right to ask about whether or not there are problems in the home. they don't he the right to go into the home by force and especially not without a warrant. lou: in new jersey, which is where i happen to live, this would be illegal. >> it is illegal for a child
10:41 pm
under the age of 18 to hold a gun unless he is being supervised by a parent and guardian or certified instructor. you can't tell that from the picture. so technically the kid was not. that's exactly my point. you an award, a picture of a crime, you don't have enough evidence to go into this house. no judge would sign a warrant or at least they shouldn't. lou: is the township of liability? is the state went to be handing out some money to his family? >> they have reasonable belief that there was possibly a crime going on, probably no. lou: do you agree? >> i don't. i think that it's very responsible what is law enforcement officials did. it could have caused a dangerous situation. lou: they apparently threatened. if they had walked through that front door with the firearms instructor on the other side without a warrant and surprised and, i mean, and he had shot somebody, he would not be liable
10:42 pm
>> of the busted down the door toward that there would be clearly in the wrong, but they got in because that knock and said can we come and. lou: then there were crazy. let me say very clearly and unequivocally, the fact that this man has put his 11 year-old son to firearms training, he himself as firearms instructor, the fact -- this is exemplary, and everything that the authorities did here in my humble opinion is a terrible and they should be held accountable d financially responsible. >> i appreciate your humble opinion. lou: and it gets on there because i don't have a law degree. thank you for being with us. if you want to join the discussion cut the loudobbm and get the windstar facebook page. e-mail me. i would like to hear from you. what do you think? up next, the new book, why coolidge matters. why suddenly is everybody talking about calvin coolidge to back will find out here next.
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♪ lou: my next guest says our esident and congressional leaders still have plenty to learn from our 30 is president, especially when it comes to money. lessons from america's most underrated president no longer dismissed from the public view. let's start with why coolidge matters. the books are all over. >> there is a coolidge renaissance going on right now. that is because coolidge has a lot to teach us. issues of immigration. way ahead of this time.
10:47 pm
lou: a lot of people would be surprised to know that the favored president to your saying you have a lot to learn, he raised taxes to ruth. a top burner. lou: -- >> in fact it progressive on the matter of taxation. when you -- lou: i look at that as regressive. >> but this way. what he did was cut taxes on working people, 90 percent of the public did not pay any taxes. the 2% the did. lou: to drop their rates from 15, under 1 percent as a percentage of the revenue income revenue. 1924, immigration act. people don't realize he did a lot to bring out what we refer to now has diversity. he waseaching out to immigrants from all quarters, minority groups of all kinds. >> he also signed in at the main
10:48 pm
gate of american citizens. they could vote. way ahead on civil rights, proposing federal anti lynching loss. he spoke out to irish groups, jewish groups while at the same time that that evidence should be made american which is something that is clearly missing from our immigration debate. lou: the idea of going from melting pot to a cultural selig we never quite bring everybody together. that's like to ba very big issue. let me get your thoughts. are we going to see comprehensive immigration reform? >> i think not. when people see the price tag, the need to understa that -- well, coolidge understood. i'm engaged to marry an immigrant. nothing against immigrants. who wanted to be american. lou: fully assimilated. >> says. they are going to be -- lou: what is the point. >> what is the point.
10:49 pm
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♪ lou: joining as now, the "a-team," author, radio talk-show host, fox news contributor, radio talk-show host, weekly standard senior writer. looking for a radio talk show.
10:53 pm
good to have you here. i'm just kidding. first lets start. jerusalem. these guys looked like they have been best friends forever. is this an alliance that is cemented with great. >> no. i think there is still significant mistrust between the two. think what we saw today was a basic recognition of the fact that president obama is going to be president for four years. someon he has to work with. he thinks the iranian clock is ticking and ticking prickly. he believes that he is going to need the united states at the very least support him if he feels the need to take action unilaterally, something he mentioned several times. lou: what do you think? are we going to see an israeli attack. >> i saw a president who is ready to join, anything to show
10:54 pm
he was pro-israel. taking their shoes, throwing it at our president. let me tell you something, we have seen this play out before. i would rather have it when jimmy carter. they hated one another. we finally get peace in the middle east. for going to have to in the. there is no doubt about it. lou: a very big player. we're talking about the president, his focal point today in the midst of all of this is syria. nineteen months ago he said basically he's gone. nineteen months later he's not, and now he is talking about, this could be a game changer. >> the allegation is there is speculation that possibly chemical weapons had been used of the last couple of days. that is yet to be verified
10:55 pm
immobile when you talk about 19 months ago thisresident and the secretary of state at the time kept using the phrase he has lost legitimacy. once again, he has lost legitimacy. what is interesting is that there is a moslem brotherhood member who is now risen to the syrian prime minister. what i think is the muslim brotherhood is positioned to take over. i don't think that that is a development the barack obama would be displeased with. lou: we'll find out what else president obama might be displeased with as we continue withhe "a-team." stay with us. north korea wants to attack our basis. basis. why? gotcha ! got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya.
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♪ lou: strange reactions from the obama administration to north area as they continue to a threatened and now are threatening to attack our bases
10:59 pm
in the pacific. your thoughts? >> the evil see behind the curtain. you know what they wt, more dollars, thehey want the extort. if they keep doing it they're going to get it. they're going to shake his town. lou: speaking of shakedowns, a lot of power whining about the gun-control lobby. it looks like a pretty clear defeat today. assault weapons ban, senator feinstein's ban taken out of the democratic package. a major setback in your judgment? >> it is a long way from where the president was when he was talking about this in the aftermath of newtown. he pledged to stick it -- and pledged to stake his presidency to push these new measures. i think a lot of people on low after looking at the white house today and asking where was this push.


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